Anne Teigen

About - Artist Statement

Painting is my abstract and allegorical response to the storm of ideas in my head. My sketchbook is my constant companion.  Looking, watching, mentally photographing: this helps me to trace the path of the storm.


A selected sketch will determine the size and shape of the canvas, which I stretch and prepare in the workshop adjacent to my studio.  At this point the canvas is white and scary- it needs to get dirty.  I dip a brush, any brush, in oil paint thinned with walnut oil.  I walkfrom the paint table to the canvas, and attack.  With a brush in one hand and a rag in the other, I continue to transfer the essence of the sketch to the canvas. This dance will continue for weeks, with multiple brushes and painting methods.


After many hours comes a time when the storm subsides.  I stand back and rationally and critically evaluate what the painting has become.  There is a shift I can feel in my thinking, this back and forth between permission and discipline, between creative flow and learned resolution.  When my painting is complete, not everyone will see what I see.  I always welcome and value hearing the viewers reactions.